Vantage's ongoing, aggressive research and development efforts create a powerful core of sophisticated technologies that are leveraged into applications which identify, extract, communicate and control knowledge. Vantage has successfully leveraged its research in Artificial Intelligence, cognitive science, natural language understanding, computational linguistics, quantum reasoning, heuristic pattern matching, phonetic algorithms and intelligent ability estimation techniques to develop high quality tools and applications that meet the needs of educational, municipal and commercial markets.

Vantage uses its proprietary technology, data and tools for innovative application development. Vantage's core competencies are:
  • Machine Learning Algorithm Development
  • Pattern Matching Algorithm Development
  • Heuristics Generation Integration
  • Multilingual Natural Language Understanding
  • Multilingual and Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval
  • Multilingual Document Proofing
  • Multilingual Data Publishing
  • Multilingual Lexical Resources
  • Multilingual Information Extraction
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • 37 Languages Support
Semantic networks and morphological dictionaries are vital to Vantage technology. The growth and improvement of these terminology bases are essential ingredients in Vantage's continual technological innovations. By applying this research, Vantage creates high-quality innovative applications and technologies that extract information and make sense out of data, changing the way people do business.
  • IntelliMetric™ - The world's first tool to achieve human-level performance when grading open-ended assessments over the Internet. IntelliMetric is an intelligent scoring system that relies on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to emulate the process carried out by human scorers, in essence capturing the pooled wisdom of multiple expert scorers to achieve levels of scoring accuracy exceeding expert graders.
  • CogniSearch™ - Continuously improving pattern recognition tool used for data discovery.
  • Quantum Reasoning™ - Continuously improving, advanced machine learning technology.
  • Multilingual and Cross-Lingual Capabilities - Many Vantage products have both multilingual and cross-lingual capabilities. Vantage's linguistics staff has valuable experience understanding issues involving many natural languages and is able to develop general purpose mechanisms for dealing with phenomena across various languages.
  • Parsing and Rule-Based Systems - Vantage has developed different sorts of parsers and rule-based systems for various products and tools, both for natural and computer languages. These systems can index documents in multiple languages, parse very specific rule specification languages used in rule bases, detect and correct grammatical and stylistic errors, and detect and identify common stylistic and mechanical problems in multiple languages.
  • Lexical Resources and Tools - Vantage products use language-specific databases that contain information such as base forms, inflected forms, parts of speech, syntactic properties and semantic properties. Some languages required large amounts of lexical resources; Vantage has developed tools to store, manipulate and maintain this data in various languages.
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